In the middle of the journey of our life (Dante)

North-country dweller. Doubter (and Quaker). Reluctant breast cancer patient. Erstwhile teacher and education lecturer. Would-be pianist. Lover of words. Tentative Masters student and researcher. Very proud mother. Partner – grateful, exasperated/exasperating, loving, and committed (as is he).



  1. Hi Elizabeth, just wanted to message you and thank you for your follow of my blog EnjoyTheWip. I notice you are also following Barry Hymer who I am currently working with and who inspired me in the first place to ‘Enjoy the Work In Progress’. Your blog is very inspirational, what a journey!!!

  2. Oh! I am so excited to discover your blog. It was not a direct route though, but rather one which began with Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s book, “Doctoring Data.” What a fascinating read! When I tried to find Iona Heath’s article on BMJ, I eventually found your comments which led me here. I look forward to reading all about your experiences.

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