— so I have been invited to meet with the great and the good! There’s an international conference entitled “Preventing Overdiagnosis” in September. It was held in the States last year, and I was well aware of it, but not in a position to go for multiple reasons. This year it’s in Oxford – a bit easier to get to. After the conference, there’s a day and half of research planning meetings, and I have been asked to contribute to the one on “communicating about overdiagnosis”.

I am very pleased. I presume this has come about because of my correspondence with three or four of the key players, and my submission to the Select Committee. The invitation was addressed to “Dear Doctor Dawson” (I quickly disillusioned the writer), but it appears that they actually do want my lay/patient/survivor perspective.

Don’t know what will emerge – if anything. Strange how my work and learning for my MA – in a different field – now may inform and support this venture. At least I have a bit of an idea of what research might look like. And certainly my personal experiences are informing my MA project. Issues such as ethics, informed consent, power relationships – they are what really float my boat.

And the pictorial reference? I thought it was obvious, but when I showed it to B, I realised there were multiple interpretations. Choose your favourite.

a) Up sh** creek
b) Putting your oar in
c) Paddling your own canoe

and yes I know the picture is hopelessly optimistic on several counts —