Screening inquiry launched, plus ‘Breast Cancer Screening – what we still don’t know’ – H.G. Welch

More on overdiagnosis and overtreatment. The link to the article by Welch is worth following for an American perspective. I am getting to know the names of the key people in the overdiagnosis field, and have been in touch with many of them. I will be writing to the Commons Select Committee.

Even stars explode

On 17 December 2013, MPs launched an inquiry into the scientific merits of national health screening programmes and whether calls for health screening to be extended to cover conditions such as prostate cancer, lung cancer and post-natal depression are based on solid science.

Chair of the Science and Technology Committee Andrew Miller MP stated:
“The NHS spends a significant amount of money on health screening and it is important that this is underpinned by good scientific evidence.
Thousands of women are screened for breast cancer every year and lives are saved as a result but there may also be women who undergo unnecessary treatment and surgery as a result of screening. Calls to extend screening to other conditions should ensure that there is good evidence that the screening would be effective.
We will be examining the evidence base behind the decisions on which illnesses to screen for and will be…

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