I am not qualified to blog about Mandela, but nor can I ignore his passing. A very late developer politically, the film “Cry Freedom” woke me up in the mid-1980s, and I did my tiny bit by joining the Anti-Apartheid Movement, by picketing a few Shell garages, and marching for Mandela’s 70th birthday. Then I married a South African in the interval between Mandela’s release from prison and his election as president. I cannot do better than put up a link to a blog post written by one of my husband’s lifetime friends – a brilliant, perceptive and articulate man who has worked tirelessly in the cause of famine relief. Here’s what he wrote last night.



  1. Thank you Elizabeth. My 95 year old mum died just before Mandela – and although her last years, like his, were plagued by ill health and frailty, they both (in different ways) lived good lives and I shall mourn for both of them. Will we ever see their like again? X

    • I feel for you. However ill or old, the loss of a parent is hard and a major landmark, too. RIP to both your mother and to Nelson. Both irreplaceable.

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