Hot on the heels of my cake obsession, I just have to return to the overdiagnosis issue by reblogging from “What really matters”. This post has a link to a quite excellent BMJ article which absolutely reflects my views and my experience. I am so glad there are some reflective medics out there. Storing the link here for myself and for anyone interested.

Now back to the baking.

what really matters

I read Iona Heath’s essay on Overdiagnosis in last weeks BMJ with interest. The whole essay is essential reading, but here I’ve drawn out the four important ethical implications resulting from overdiagnosis, as identified by Iona Heath:

 1.      Harm caused by labelling individuals at risk or having a disease based entirely on numbers or other aberrant investigations.

Read Tim Lott’s candid article in the Times magazine earlier this month in which he catalogues the confusion, anxiety, and regret he felt after agreeing to undertake a PSA test.

“Oddly it was the least threatening outcome that worried me the most …… Not so much an aggressive cancer, which one could face head on and try to deal with, but the existence of some kind of tiny growth that might live in my prostate unthreateningly for years. It would be like walking around with a loaded gun pointed at your head that…

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