One right-wing American male changes his mind

This bloke (CS) had advertised a Facebook “event” for the 13th October. He entitled it “No Bra Day” (if Obama hasn’t shut this down too”). There’s a clue in there about his politics.

Here are our exchanges.
Me This is AWFUL. It is offensive to women like me who have had breast cancer. Please look at my blog and think about the message this idea is putting out.

The next day, I picked this up:
CS Dear ED , dont know who you are , but here is a news flash , EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion , i have several close friends who, like you have had breast cancer , they learned to deal with it and so have I , maybe its time you did the same , if you do not like this , simply block any further updates from this page , thank you

The next bit happened in real time:

Me Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion. I am expressing mine. It is less than two months since I lost a breast. I am dealing with it. But I do not expect ever to feel at ease with an event which focuses on women’s body parts rather than women as whole human beings.

CS as ive said , i feel compassion for those who have to go through this , never meant to offend anyone , sorry , wish ya luck in the future , cancer is never an easy illness to deal with

Me Thank you.

You are very welcome , im about to do something ive never done before , I am going to remove this event .

Me Fantastic – I am so glad. And I am very,very impressed by your humility and ability to reflect and change your mind. That is not easy to do.

But CS did not get this last comment because he had already taken his event down by the time I had typed it. I am trying to contact him via Facebook to say thank you.



  1. You are a compassionate person, I salute you ma’am… To me, there are various ways to show your support by start donating or something useful by actually helping them, not doing something pointless that may bring dishonourable and showing their “ehem”.

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