Step We Gaily

So, dear readers, I am happy to report that I did nearly everything on my Friday to-do list. I waited in vain for the rain to stop before I ventured out for a walk, and then went anyway, but let myself off the gardening, and did 3 items of ironing with my left hand instead (this means reversing everything – board, garment – quite a spatial challenge).

Yesterday, after a meeting at LCH (Lancaster CoHousing) at which we were voted Best Dressed Couple, we went to the wedding of an old friend and her new partner. There were some good Celtic hymn tunes to enjoy, and a new resonance to the wedding vows (sickness/health, better/worse) for B and me. Shakespeare’s sonnet 116 was also read — “Love is not love/ Which alters when it alteration finds”, etc. This made me slightly weepy. B asked me if I wanted to renew our wedding vows, to which I actually emphatically said “No” – for 2 reasons. 1) Words are superfluous when you are actually trying to do it; 2) I couldn’t do the wedding service thing again – it would have to be more Quaker-style. Fortunately B agrees with me on both counts, so we didn’t fall out in the churchyard about it.

After the drinks, the meal and the chat, during which we successfully parried a couple of innocent questions of the “How was your summer” variety, there was a celebratory ceilidh. I had thought beforehand that this might be too much of a contact sport for me at present, though I did take my dancing shoes. To my surprise, I easily managed a waltz with B (safe enough as he knows which side not to yank). In as far as the two of us can manage any waltz, that is. I also did a couple of other dances with no problem, reassured by the fact that the floor was so crowded that there wasn’t space for any over-enthusiastic spinning. This is one kind of exercise I actually like and feel competent about (except for waltzing).

My wedding outfit drew a couple of compliments. It’s far too lovely a dress (Phase Eight, silk/velvet, cost me £12!) to contemplate sending back to the charity shop, so I wore it back to front for a more discreet neckline. I think Lady Di once set a precedent in reversing dresses. Lady Di, Angelina Jolie – wow, what a lot I have in common with the glitterati these days.

After a very late start today, I am going to:

do piano practice
do all exercises as usual
go for a walk
process some of the apple harvest (with back-up team: still can’t do heavy chopping)
have in-laws round for tea (back-up team again on duty)
little bit of domestic stuff (maybe bathrooms)
do a bit of joint parenting! (support for decision-making on A level choices, final year dissertation topics –)

But it’s very good to find that I can summon up the energy for a Grand Day Out.


One comment

  1. whoah – not surprised the Shakespeare made you weepy! well done on the dancing!
    Woman’s Hour talking about parent blogging all this week – made me think of you.

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