Dancing in Uniform

You may have seen these recent news stories (click on the links):



Different cultures, different countries. Not trying to claim any great credit for the British Way of Life – but it would be heartening to think that at some time in the future, the reaction in the West Bank would be a bit more benign. Or even better, that “patrols” in Hebron ceased to be thought necessary.

I do hope the “top brass” – even as they disciplined the soldiers – at least paused for thought and asked themselves why the young men in the IDF started dancing. Possible answers:

– because they recognised what they shared with the Palestinian party-goers?
– because it was a lot more fun to get involved in the dance than to patrol from the sidelines?
– because they forgot to behave like the soldiers that they really aren’t?
– because they are in the IDF under some duress?


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