Blog nuts and bolts and a bit more, part 2

I have come across some research which found that blogging is psychologically helpful to women undergoing bc treatment, so, having felt a bit hesitant about being so “out there”(because nice girls don’t do attention-seeking, do they??) I am now feeling quite justified in doing it as part of my recovery plan. And I can already see how addictive blogging could become — so here is a request. If you do comment, could you avoid using identifying names and locations, except for my first name? If I decide to go more public, I would like to protect the girls’ identities, and I will be able to trawl back through the first few posts and just change one or two details that might identify.

Am mildly radioactive tonight following pre-op injection and scan. Surgery tomorrow, hopefully only in hospital overnight. Won’t be taking laptop, so back here I hope in 2-3 days – maybe typing with my left hand.


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