Blog nuts and bolts and a bit more

Thank you for the email messages many of you have sent. Sorry I cannot reply individually at length. If you want to put “comments” on the Blog (I realise this is a bit more public, though), I think you just click on the little speech bubble under the title of the post. I may be telling you what is obvious to you, but it took me a while to work it out, so I just thought I’d say.

Got up at 5.15 this morning to say goodbye to younger daughter ‘s French exchange partner before B took her to the airport – lovely girl. Sharing in the care and entertainment of her has helped to keep things light and enjoyable (mostly) over the past few weeks. One thing we did was go to Laserquest (or some such name). Needless to say, I was hopeless and got zapped repeatedly. And then there was the 5-hour game of “Risk” – only I was invaded and conquered within about an hour and a half. Maybe I shouldn’t think too closely about these as grim metaphors. (Both nice Quakerly activities, eh??)

Older daughter arrives home on Friday from 8 weeks in Nepal: having been largely out of e-contact.  she knows only the bare facts  (original diagnosis and original surgery date) about the bc story. Poor girl, in for a bit of a shock.

Going to the hairdresser’s this afternoon. Fortunately I have had my holidays and can talk about those. Bit of a conversation-stopper if I tell her what my plans are for the coming weekend — !



  1. OK, here goes to break the ice and post on this blog.

    It may sound funny, but I do appreciate being able to read this, Elizabeth. It helps me to feel more connected with what is happening for you all, and how you are, and I have no idea how or whether that helps anyone, but it seems to matter to me to feel connected.

    And of course lots of early Quakers were soldiers, so it’s not totally out of keeping to play war games like this!

  2. What a journey you’re undergoing Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I’ve wondered before about the nature of cancer treatment and whether it might actually be responsible for activating dormant cancers. I think I understand Mary’s comment about being connected. I’m glad you seem to have kept a nice sense of humour going!

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