Hello. If you are new to this blog, please read “Damned If You Do”. This is where both my blogging and my breast cancer stories started.
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The Word We Fear Most of All

We went to see a production of A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer in Manchester recently (an excellent spot by my brother-in-law). The show is now going to London, and I will be interested to see what the reviewers make of it there. There was something pleasingly “meta” about it: the writer did … Continue reading

In print down under

Article for “Rendezview” Follow the link to an article I was asked to write for an Australian online publication: my somewhat sideways “take” for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Sing for Europe

Most of my public thoughts about the EU referendum are on my FB page, but here is our scratch choir singing the European Anthem. I am at the back, wearing blue and gold, and singing alto and bass by turns pour encourager les autres.

A mammogram may break your bones

Sounds unlikely? Read on — This Autumn – a full two years and more since breast cancer treatment – has been assessment time for me. For the last six weeks or so, I have been off both my injections and my pills in order that my natural hormonal status can be checked. Having had the … Continue reading

What I saw at the gym

I don’t usually see daytime TV, but it was on at the gym when I was there this morning, and I caught some of the ITV “Breastmates” campaign (= team up with friends and remind each other to do breast checks). I was dismayed. Of course we should do self-examinations – can’t argue with that. … Continue reading