Hello. If you are new to this blog, please read “Damned If You Do”. This is where both my blogging and my breast cancer stories started.
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(13 Feb) I put on some lipstick this morning. And I put on my favourite dress (new, not a charity shop number). I have to look my best for one million Australians. There’s a crew of two here right now interviewing and filming me for the ABC’s national flagship current affairs programme. I’ll put the … Continue reading

Saving Lives?

— So the Breast Care Unit has clearly not forgotten me, and I am due back for a monitoring appointment next week. I am happy to go, as I want to discuss my medication, but I will again be declining a mammogram which will give me no useful information. Any mammogram is only a snapshot … Continue reading

All Saints and All Souls: A Last Beatitude

All Saints and All Souls: A Last Beatitude. (please click on this link). We had a lovely “Day of the Dead” pot-luck supper in the Common House on the night of November 1st. It was lovely because lots of us were there, and we all sat down to eat together. It was also lovely because … Continue reading

Pink Stinks

My blog doesn’t get many hits most of the time any more. So normally I’m delighted when my viewing rates show a spike. There’s been a bit more unsolicited interest in the last few days, and from further afield than usual, and I wondered why for just a little while. And then I realised that … Continue reading

Thistles and Roses

a post about the Scottish referendum and a lot else besides I learned one or two things today while putting this post together. 1) Carol Ann Duffy is Scottish (maybe I knew this and had forgotten) 2) There is a market for wedding bouquets made of thistles and roses (try Google images and see). Well, … Continue reading

Preventing Overdiagnosis

http://www.preventingoverdiagnosis.net/ Above is the link about the conference referred to in my last post. And below is the text of what I said to the research planning meeting on “Communicating about Overdiagnosis”. Personal relevance I am a survivor of the UK Breast Screening Programme. I do know something qualitative educational research, but I’m not a … Continue reading

Fan Mail

I’m in Coach E on a Virgin train, somewhere in Middle England, on my way home. Nearly everybody (including the five-year-old opposite ) is, like me, plugged into an electronic device. Many are in virtual contact with – who (or should that be “whom”)? Business partners? Families? Or are they following Facebook friends, or the … Continue reading